Marassi Resort North Coast

Marassi Resort North Coast

                              "Marassi " Changing the North coast


Since time immemorial, Sidi Abdel Rahman Bay in Al Alamein has been most renowned for its crystal-clear waters and majestic shores of unprecedented beauty. Today, the bay stands as the most paramount shoreline in the region - a Mediterranean gem - and home to another Emaar flagship landmark: Marassi.

Marassi is set to become the North Coast’s first upscale international destination and is on fast tracks to establish itself as a world-class tourism, leisure and golfing holiday destination.

Marassi offers a world of choice that meets your need for both solitude and fellowship. For indulgence and blissful detachment. For communion with nature and union with family. It’s where you can connect with the earth and disconnect from the world. Like the Mediterranean Sea on whose shores it lies, it seems boundless, yet reassuringly sheltered from the outside. A home to lure you away from home. Whether for a retreat or a new adventure, you’ll come alive in Marassi.

Overlooking the mesmerising turquoise blue waters of El Alamein, along Sidi Abdel Rahman Bay is Marassi, a 6.5 million square meter gated, master-planned year-round destination resort. Stretching along a coastline of enchanting tranquillity, Marassi provides a haven from the world. A hundred and twenty-five kilometres west of Alexandria; and a few miles from historic El Alamein, Marassi is linked to Egypt, Europe and the Middle East. This lively Mediterranean destination enthrals with its exclusivity and culture, offering invigorating outdoor pleasures and a life of luxury. It’s inspiration for the heart and soul. It’s Marassi.

The districts that form Marassi have been designed to stir the senses and invigorate the mind. Spacious balconies offer breathtaking views of the turquoise sea and endless beaches. Inspired by the splendour of Mediterranean destinations, each self-contained district has been imbued with unique charm and character. Within each district is a unique blend of Mediterranean inspired architecture, offering residents the opportunity to create your own personal haven in breathtaking surroundings. Marassi is where the Mediterranean’s natural beauty and passionate lifestyle come together in perfect harmony

Experience the enchantment of the Mediterranean, where the sun, sand and sea create vistas of exquisite beauty. In Marassi on the north coast of Egypt, you live in a natural environment, with all the comforts of modern life. This resort is an extraordinary fusion of beaches, greenery, lagoons and a uniquely cosmopolitan ambience.

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