LA VANDE COMPOUND

Project Location:

Lavande is located right infront of El Gezeira Club and seconds away from Juhayna Square, Mall of Arabia and the upcoming Mall of Egypt

We have worked hard on the idea of bringing you a piece of France right in the palm of your hands, we have placed some if not all the elements that will make you taste, feel, smell, hear, and see.

lavande residential complex integrated services on the Central the plateau mokattam (Third District), at a distance of 3 Dqaig Carrefour 0.3 Dqaig of Autostrad 0.3 Dqaig of Salah Salem heart of Cairo. Were constructed Alkambond on an area 4300 square meters, a total of 141 housing units sizes (100 square meters 0.105 square meters 0.110 square meters 0.115 square meters 0.145 square meters 0.155 square meters 0.160 square meters 0.175 square meters) to fit all needs and tastes, and distinct designs 

The style we refer to as French country was inspired by the elaborate décor found in homes of the French aristocrats. To give the country homes of the upper-class a less formal feel, the traditional styles were softened, making the lines less rigid and the overall feel of the home more rustic. The overall result was a country house that was relaxed and inviting, while retaining many of the delicate features of the French influence. The French country style of decorating is a very eclectic mix of warm color and natural metals.

Project Features  and services: 

 6 october Services lavande complex integrated complex

Multiple commercial services

Mmirat allocation of areas for walking and Sbqaqat to more than 700 square meters

Artificial lakes and ponds space and water

Beautifully landscaped

Restaurants and cafes on the focus of the European Union

Shopping center featuring luxury brands and shops

Sports, Spa Health Club Medinet Nasr Housing and Development

 Inspired by the rural manor homes of the 1600s, French provincial homes are characterized by:

Balanced, symmetrical proportions.

Brick exterior.

Steep roofs, Tall second-story windows often with arched tops.

Porches with substantial balustrades are usually pretty simple, often arched, occasionally ornamented with side columns and some decorative masonry.

Chimneys are tall, rectangular, and slender.

​Payment Plans are:10%  Down Payment 5% delivery, Installments : up to 12 Years

Delivery Status  3 Years


​The Compound Contains Svillas,Town House  . Twine houes  & Penthouses with exclusive views from everywhere.

​Areas Starts from :100 quare Meters.

Property Map

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