"I City Mountain View"

"I City Mountain View"

                                      I CITY MOUNTAIN VIEW

The Project Site.. City Project 15 is located just minutes from the American University, and 10 minutes from Hyde Park 0.7 Hdakkaiq of Rehab, the project on an area of ​​500 acres of New Cairo, making it the most exclusive in the new project Alvahrh.

The project design.. City any City in New Cairo is the largest residential project depends on the modern advanced technology systems, on an area of ​​500 acres in New Cairo premium prices, has been designed E-City as follows Buildings 20% ,, roads 10%, 70% landscaping

Project ServicesThe project is held networks Fiber Optic to ensure speed and quality of communication and information technology, and the project has the green with vast areas, and will be the implementation of new intelligent solutions within the project, to create a traffic fluidity of the population and provide the latest means of transportation that can be generalized to the whole of Egypt, there is, for example, an area called "Nu Carr Zone "it is not allowed to enter the area where the car

Transcends its investments of $ 3.6 billion, which will be a number of apartments in the city of any City in New Cairo 18 thousand housing units between apartments and villas, to meet the requirements of sustainable development in Egypt, according to the latest designs and global standards

 ICITYٍ  Spaces Available..Tracts of apartments in the project any City in New Cairo in 2016, will include several ideas the project to be implemented using smart technology, where will depend I-villa concept (I- Villa), which involves inspiring design, and exploitation of space in an innovative way, to withstand the: I- Villa same features villas, but sizes apartments, where the start of the 100 and even 500 square meters, and has a private entrance and independent garden, and the position of green space.

Method of Payment.. Paid 10% deposit and facilities up to  until 8 years

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