About us

About us

Misr Aqaria founded in 2014, and Egypt is specialized in real estate development and marketing Real estate and project management one of the most promising companies in this sector, where managed at a time, Jizan impose themselves on the industry lay the rules have shaped and including provision of real estate solutions for customers who gave us confidence as the success of this support, which was a motivation for us to go at a steady pace towards the summit our destination partners Egypt occupies the real estate itself as one of the largest Egyptian companies sector supported by the partnerships with major companies and owning a bunch of marketing experts and Real Estate development and as well as a team of human resources in all sections - (Projects -altsoeq- sales --in addition to the departments of assistance) who enjoys continuous training to upgrade their competencies and skills development which the capabilities of Egypt which her family to win a major tourism projects in the North Coast and Ain Sukhna marketing and Ras Sidr, Egypt did not stop Real Estate for dazzling while stormed and all the power of new Alakarybalqahrh development market multiple projects between Nmazj buildings and villas of different adopt a strategic thinking creatively futuristic visions aimed at consolidating developmental philosophy of real estate renewable, professional manner is unprecedented, and Egypt is still real estate on track when announced Parwanady idea of ​​Real Estate, which provides real estate unit at a fair price close to its cost and real estate Egypt is seeking to create momentum for the idea of ​​Real Estate Club and work to spread which creates a variety of real estate solutions and offers real estate units at fair prices away from overcharging

Vision & Mission

Misr Aqaria has a vision for the future aims to be a first in providing the best real estate marketing financiers service and to be a good mediator in the process of communication between the financier and the client as well as ownership of several real estate projects that contribute to meet the needs of groups that did not find what you want in current projects....

Our Strategy

 Provide better services for real estate marketing to customers and strengthen ties between the company and the owners of real estate projects in order to be a link between the financiers and customers Our mission core is to meet the needs of the client so we collect all the required information and own real estate and simplified and presented to the client is easy for him to make a purchase decision Our mission is to build Strategy sale and purchase of the project and develop a plan for marketing within the limits of the possibilities available and implemented at the lowest cost to get the highest percentage of profit Our mission is not limited to the achievement of profit, but the main profit and essential is to build a trusted brand in the minds of customers to ensure customer loyalty and for us to be the first destination Alackherlh in any inquiry concerning the property and complete the journey between diversification projects We do Angtsr Mjhodtna on residential projects or just tourism, but we collected only residential and tourism together and do something, but you'll find with Egypt Real